►Concealed Antenna Amplifier

Product Applications
This product connects to windshield printed antenna, through calculating and modulating to enable receiving and amplifying AM/FM signal. There are 3 different amplifiers according to locations, front windshield, rear windshield and side windshield. There are 2 types of receiving modes, diversity receiving and none- diversity receiving. We can provide full customization design service.

Product Features

.Amplifier for AM/FM windshield printed antenna
.Electronic Gain-Control
.3 types of amplifiers: front windshield, rear windshield and side windshield
.2 types of receiving modes: diversity receiving and none- diversity receiving
.Housing, cable, and connectors are able to customize according to requirements
.All materials are automotive grade compliant


Item Description
Working Current 30mA ≤ I ≤ 90mA
Gain AM:-15db ~ 0db (determine by car test)
FM:2db ~ 10db  (determine by car test)
Gain deviation in each band ≦ ±2db
Frequency Range AM:0.52 ~ 1.71MHz
FM:87 ~ 108MHz
Standing Wave Ratio ≤ 2.5:1
Working Voltage 9~16V(D.C)
Storage Temperature -40~90℃
Working Temperature -40~90℃
Relative Humidity 40%-95%
Atmospheric Pressure 86KPa--106KPa


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