Manufacturing Service

Manufacturing Service

In order to provide good quality and enough production space, Wieson Automotive invests huge amount on automatic production equipment.
Besides, we also invest in upstream materials manufacturing and downstream high technologies developments to provide our customers highly vertical integrated service.

Mold Developing 

ID Desing Mold Design Mold Development Mold Assembly  Plastic Injection  Vertical Injection


Mold Design
EDM Machine
CNC Machining Center Machine
Milling Machine


 Plastic Injection
Plastic Injection
Plastic Injection
Vertical Injection
Low Pressure Molding


SMT Production Lines
Automated Production Lines
 High Speed Auto Mounting
AOI Testing
FCT Testing

►PCBA Production Procedures Introducton


Harness Manufacturing
Multimedia Harness Production Lines
Automotive Antenna Production Lines
Switch Harness Production Lines
Lighting System Harness Production Lines


Automatic Soldering
Electric Auto-Testing
Leaking Testing
Switch Harness Automatic Testing & S/N Laser Printing


Camera Production Lines
Camera Stand-Type Production Lines
Camera Stand-Type Production Lines
Camera Stand-Type Production Lines
Autofocus and Image Testing Process


Stamping Metal Parts Manufacturing
Wire Cutting
CNC High-Speed Cutting Machine
30T Punch
80T Punch
Connector Manufacturing
Plastic Injection 
Connector Automatic Assembly Machine
Connector Automatic Assembly & CCD
Connector Automated Robotic Arm
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