Wieson Automotive had been dedicating on manufacturing and  developing in 7 major solutions for over 20 years - Automotive Connector Solution, Automotive Wire Harness Solution, ADAS Interconnect Solution, Automotive Antenna Solution, Automotive data comm./ Charging Solution, elematics ADAS Solution and PCBA EMS, currently we’ve provided our service for 15 domestic and foreign OE car manufacturers, also to global Tire 1 automotive electric suppliers for OEM/ODM service, our team insists on quality first, service priority and technology leadership as business strategies, we continue to drive the Wieson Production System to reduce costs, improve quality, and continuously improve production systems.

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Beijing Stock Exchange / Company code :838437

Wieson Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is providing alert for the driver in the potentially dangerous situation.
All kinds of high frequency, low frequency and combination antennas. Include rod type, shark-fin type and hidden type antennas. Support multiple bands like AM/FM/GPS/GSM/4G LTE/5G NR...etc.

A High-Speed Data Transmission, Waterproof, Customized Connector/Harness Solution For ADAS Peripheral Sensing Components. 
In vehicle USB chargers for mobile devices like Mobile Phones and Pads. They are able to identify type of mobile devices and provide suitable and stabile power source.
OBD II, USB, USB Type C, Waterproof Connector
High current & low-Medium Current wire harness for BEV/PHEV.


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